How it Works – Verifier

Verification by 3rd party if user holds specified NFT

There are two primary ways 3rd party can validate if user has NFT presented via the VerifiedNFT Credential Card:

  1. 3rd party builds a “verifier” service for decentralized identity in their own infrastructure that will prompt user to present VerifiedNFT Credential Card. This option is good for 3rd party if they want to create additional business logic into their application, that will be triggered on the fact that user has one of the specified NFTs. 3rd party can decide which NFT collections they want to validate, or even specific NFTs. They stay in full control of their service.
    • It is critical that after validating authenticity of the VerifiedNFT Credential Card, the service also check for current address of the NFT. The wallet address presented in VerifiedNFT Credential Card must match address on the blockchain. In other words, the NFT is still owned by the same address.
    • It is also responsibility of the Verifier to have a validation of the frequency use or multiuse of the specified NFTs.
      • For example, if presented NFT acts as a one-time ticket entry or discount code, the verifier must check the use of the NFT after first presentation as used. This is to prevent anyone who share the enrollment for VerifiedNFT Credential Card to multiple phones from scamming the use of NFTs.
      • At the same time Verifier might want to allow multiuse of the same NFT, for example, owner of NFT can bring a guest to the party, in this case there would be 2 or more uses of it allowed in the specified time frame.
  2. The second option is to use “3rd Party Verification” service on the With this service 3rd party does not need to build their own service for decentralized identity validation. This is currently under development.
  3. For holders of VerifiedNFT Credential Cards we also provide a convenient verification service, that will ask to present VerifiedNFT Credential Card and will show NFTs in the referenced crypto wallet.