Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common use cases for using verified credentials for NFTs?

  • Security benefit – decouple proof of ownership of NFTs from requirement of presenting a digital wallet to potentially malicious sites, VerifiedNFT Credential Card is read only proof of ownership of the wallet that contains NFTs,
  • Businesses can verify NFT ownership and provide individual access experience based on the specific NFT proof at the time of access:
    • Web app can greet user by their presented NFT and have whatever experience they want to provide to the user
  • Provide physical access to a venue (conference, performance, restaurant, game, concert, etc),
  • Provide discount to merchandize (online or in person),
  • Enroll in early adopters’ program,
  • Access to NFT holder benefits,
  • Owner of NFT can brag to their friends and audiences about their NFTs. Anywhere you can reach our verifier web site and have your phone with VerifiedNFT Credential Card in your authenticator app, you can present the card to show all your NFTs in the associated wallet.
  • And many other potential use cases.

VerifiedNFT Credential and user personally identified information (PII)

  • We do not ask for user e-mail, or user name, we do not ask you to create an account, we do not ask you to have password to access this service. Your identity is your own identity. Your NFT is your NFT.
  • You have full control to whom you want to present your VerifiedNFT Credential Card.
  • Current implementation creates VerifiedNFT Credential Card that shows wallet address that you had access at the time of card creation.
  • Check the Privacy and Terms of Service notes on the site for additional details.

What are common security recommendations?

  • VerifiedNFT web site does not perform operations on the NFTs in user wallets. For majority of the users you can open wallet with existing NFTs and create VerifiedNFT Credential Card for the presented wallet.
  • For users that are extra cautious about opening their wallets on different sites (Yes, that is the goal behind this service, to reduce exactly this!), we recommend that you create a VerifiedNFT Credential Card for an empty wallet (or wallet with Web5MetaKey when available), then move valuable NFTs into that wallet. VerifiedNFT Credential Card, when presented to a verifier service will allow verifier to validate that you own the wallet address and will check what NFTs are currently in the wallet. You can proof that you own NFTs and you get extra security by keeping them in the wallet that is not used on different sites.

What is VerifiedID Avatar NFT?

  • We use VerifiedID Avatar NFT as access mechanism to VerifiedNFT issuer application for the end users who needs to create an advanced VerifiedNFT Credential Card. It is required in order to issue VerifiedNFT Credential Card with advanced capabilities.
  • You can get one of these keys at the following place: (currently under development)

What technologies are used in this solution?

  • Core backend functionality of this service is provided by Microsoft Entra Verified ID Credential service. You can educate yourself about it at the following location
  • Microsoft Entra Verified ID service provides APIs for communication with the service
  • 3rd party Verifier service would need to implement verifier functionality which calls Microsoft Entra Verified ID Credential service APIs to communicate with WEB to verify issued credentials by VerifiedNFT service.
  • web service is running in Microsoft Azure environment.

If my 3rd party NFT have been moved out from the wallet for which VerifiedNFT Credential Card was issued, would VerifiedNFT Credential Card still work?

  • Yes, the card will work, but Verifier will check the contents of the wallet and it will not find NFT. It is up to Verifier to make a decision on what to do with VerifiedNFT Credential Card claims.

If my VerifiedID Avatar NFT have been moved out from the wallet for which VerifiedNFT Credential Card was issued, would VerifiedNFT Credential Card still work?

  • No, our service is being designed to check if the VerifiedID Avatar which was used to issue VerifiedID Credential Card is still in the wallet for which VerifiedID Credential Card was issued. If it is not there, our verification of the card will fail. To avoid this issue, keep VerifiedID Avatar in the wallet while you are using VerifiedID Credential Card.

What do I do if NFT has been moved to another wallet?

  • You will need to issue a new VerifiedNFT Credential Card by using wallet that has access to the specified NFT.